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Looking Great Just Isn’t Enough

These days there’s no shortage of video to consume. In fact, just on YouTube alone there are over 300 hours of video added every single minute.

So the question is, why should someone invest time in YOUR video?

We specialize in creating videos that elicit a response. The stronger the response, the more effective the video. And this applies to EVERY type of video. Whether you want to inform, appeal, connect, or share your audience has to be along for the ride with you. Otherwise when the video ends, so does your connection with your audience.

We are 100% to helping you create and sustain a long term connection with your audience. When you contact us we’ll assign you a personal creative director. Together you’ll craft a message that get heard long after your video stops playing.

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Video Production Singapore

Connect With Your Audience

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Website Videos

8 seconds.15 seconds. Yet another study says it is 24 seconds.

The exact number of seconds differ, but the theme remains the same. People don’t spend a lot of time on the average website. By most measures, you have 15 seconds or less to capture your viewers attention and get them to engage with your offering. The easiest way to do this is to show them a video.

When people visit a new website they don’t want to scroll for information. And they only care about the features that are important to them. Don’t expect them to find the information they need on their own. Use an explainer video to help visitors define their problem, and position your solution as the answer. Expertly crafted explainer videos generate longer site dwell, and skyrocket the chances your visitor will convert.

animated explainer video

Animated Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos are an easy way for brands to engage their audience. The popularity of this type of video stems from the flexibility it allows. Brands can be funny or invoke emotion by showing the characters dealing with problems faced by your target audience. The characters in cartoon explainer videos typically represent your best client personas in terms of gender, age, and problems faced.

whiteboard explainer video

2D Animated Explainer Videos

Whiteboard explainer videos show a series of static images being drawn on a whiteboard, while narrated by an unseen artist. Whiteboard videos spend more time on a single image and lend themselves to distilling complex information into easy concepts. Audiences remain engaged with whiteboard videos when they feel that they are learning something valuable.

Connect With Your Audience

Meet your personal creative director

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Corporate Videos

Product Launches

Your product or solution is only as good as the experience people have with it. But what if they can’t touch, see or interact with it right now? If you want people to connect with your product, they’ve got to connect with your vision of the world. A great product video resonates on many levels – problem, solution, experience, and larger vision. Let’s make people see the world the way you do.


A truly great event video captures the spirit of an event so you can relive it again and again. Professional production means not only capturing the main focus of the event, but also the impact on the attendees. Whether you are planning a conference, wedding, networking function, or private talk capture it for the future. We’ll even include the highlights for quick reference and easy sharing!

Safety & Training Videos

Regardless of whether your audience is a client, or an employee training videos all have the same objective. You want viewers to remember and apply the information you are sharing. To do this effectively you need to combine informational content with emotional engagement and effective stories. When people are engaged in training videos they retain and apply the lessons they’ve learned.

TV Commercials

TV commercials are unique in that there is a fixed time period to tell a story that informs and inspires or entertains. We manage every aspect of the video production process from creative development to music and broadcast delivery. Your project deserves a company that treats your message as our own and is 100% committed to smashing your audience’s expectations of what makes a great commercial.

Video Marketing

Producing a killer explainer video or TV commercial is just the beginning. For your production to generate the impact you are looking for, you need an audience who will watch, engage and share it with their peers.

Effective video marketing begins long before the first minute of film production begins. Production decisions need to be made in conjunction with marketing decisions. A video that will be promoted on Facebook will have different considerations than one filmed for a YouTube audience. We’ll show you how to optimize your marketing efforts by making the best choices before production even begins.

Video Marketing Singapore