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Whether you need a bolt, steel wire rope, or an apple; if you are looking for ship supplies in Singapore we’ve got you covered. Our ship chandlery services include:

  • Deepest ship supplies catalog in Singapore
  •  On call 24 hour service
  •  1 day quotation request
  • Delivery consolidation as required
  • Highly competitive pricing

Let us know what you need and we’ll get you the supplies you want, in the time you need. We serve vessels in port, at anchor, or offshore. 

Ship Chandler Singapore

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Ship Supplies Singapore


We understand you don’t have time to call 20 different ship chandlers just to get the supplies you need. That’s why we’ve build a 1-stop shop solution for everything you need. And if we don’t have something you want, we’ll get it. Whether you are looking for hatch cover tape or your favorite whiskey brand, we’ve got you covered.


We offer a complete range of the freshest ship provisions. Produce and dairy are delivered daily, straight from the market. And we employ ultra-modern refrigeration and frozen storage to ensure your chilled items are kept at the perfect temperature.

Cabin Stores

Everything to make your ship a home on the water. We provide bedding, towels and bathroom supplies from a wide range of brands. And your kitchen will be better equipped than it’s ever been with top cookware, small appliances, soaps and detergents.

Bonded Stores

Our catalog is better than a visit to the biggest duty free store in the world. We carry all the most popular brands of beer, cigarettes and liquor. Electronic items like TVs, tablets, and phone accessories are available, along with clothing, luggage and gift items.

Medical + Safety

Staying safe on the water means having access to good safety and medical supplies. From distress signals to hydrostatic releases, signals and reflective tape you’re ready to hit the open water. We’ve even got band aids and ointment for minor abrasions.

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Deck and Engine Stores


We carry any marine supplies you could possibly need for your ship. We’ve got nautical charts & instruments, flags, tools, pnumatic tools, bolts, safety gear, machinery, and everything in between.

Voltage issues aren’t a problem. We carry electrical equipment that is specked for a range of voltage requirements.