Registering a Company in Singapore?

All of our business support packages include FREE company incorporation

Free Singapore Company Registration Includes:

  • Check company name availability
  • Prepare Singapore incorporation documents
  • Registration with ACRA
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Company profile
  • First board meeting minutes
  • Share certificate
  • Company seal
  • Assistance with bank account opening

Company Incorporation

Company Registration in Singapore

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Statutory Requirements After Starting A Company

Corporate Secretary

Singapore companies are required by law to have a company secretary. The company secretary is responsible for filing documents related to shareholders with ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) and guiding directors through compliance issues. This includes timely filing of Annual General Meeting documents and filing of annual returns.

Local Director

A Singapore company must have one director whose main residency is in Singapore. If you company doesn’t have any directors who are regular residents in Singapore then you will need to appoint a local director. Of course we are happy to serve you in this capacity. When a foreign director later moves to Singapore they can then take over as the local director.

Local Address

Similar to the Local Director requirement, businesses in Singapore must have a local address. If your firm is being administered from outside of Singapore then you may want to use our local address services. This is an affordable way for non-local directors to meet statutory requirements and receive and manage mail.


Getting your statutory documentation prepared quickly, accurately and at an affordable price is a given – we take things one step further. Real value from accounting service happens when we explore with management the meaning of the numbers. Real strategies to improve your business operations happen when you completely understand financial insights from your accounting data.

Singapore Corporate Compliance

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Your Business May Also Require

GST Filing

If you are generating more than S$1m in revenue (or expect to) then your firm may be required to collect GST. This means you are required to charge your customers a tax on top of your company fees, and pay the collected amount to the tax authorities. We can help you with GST registration and filing, and ensure that your total GST payments are minimized by carefully analyzing your input and output taxes.

Immigration Help

Getting an Employment Pass (EP) in Singapore is no longer as easy as it once was. As your local Director and Company Secretary we’ll provide you with guidance and support you need to ensure your application to reside in Singapore is as strong as possible. This includes a full assessment of the merits and potential weaknesses of your application, signing and filing of the application, communicating with the Ministry of Manpower and the documenation for issuance of your EP.



Pretty much no one likes doing the bookkeeping – which is why they outsource it to us. Our professional accountants make sure that your records always reflect the reality of your business. Bookkeeping includes ledger entries, equipment ledgers, accounts payable and accounts receivable, and checks against your bank statements. No matter how few or how many entries you have per month, we have a bookkeeping solution that is appropriate to your needs.


Payroll is commonly outsourced as it can be time consuming for those without expertise. Proper outsourced payroll solutions put all the stakeholders (employee, HR, and Finance Dept) on the same page. We take care of your Central Provident Fund (CPF) calculations, National Service (NS) calculations, Foreign Worker Levy payments, annual leave, over time pay (as applicable), tax clearance issues, and so on.

Singapore Corporate Compliance

No hidden fees. Only low monthly fees and dedicated service.


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Why Incorporate
In Singapore?

Ease of Doing Business

The World Bank rates Singapore as the #1 country in the world for Ease of Doing business. They evaluate countries on criterial like how easy it is to register a company (less than a day!), protect your IP, get credit, conduct international trade, enforce contracts, or protect minority shareholders. Singapore also has over 50 Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements in place to ensure your tax interests are protected.

Great Quality of Life

Singapore is rated by Mercers as having the highest quality of life in Asia (2016) for expats. New residents love the local greenery, unlimited selection of dining options, local and near-by travel options, comprehensive healthcare, good public and private schools, and a well developed public transport system. Singapore is considered to be quite safe and enforces strict rules with tough punishments for illegal activities.

Strategic Location

Singapore is strategically located between Malaysia and Indonesia, with easy access to the rest of South-East Asia. If you are looking to grow your brand into Asia then Singapore is a prime place to launch your expansion. Singapore also has extensive maritime infrastructure and is one of the leading port cities in the world. No wonder 1000’s of foreign companies set up shop in Singapore every year.

Favorable Taxes

Singapore is keen to receive foreign investment and has one of the most competitive corporate tax structures in the world. Dividends are taxed on a one-tier tax basis, which means company owners receive dividends tax-free. Singapore’s headline corporate tax rate is 17%. Most SME’s pay a significantly lower effective tax rate by taking advantage of Singapore’s very generous tax exemptions and rebates.

Singapore Corporate Compliance

No hidden fees. Only low monthly fees and dedicated service.


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Intro to:

Moving to Singapore?

Immigrating to Singapore

Singapore encourages talented people to come and support the economy. This is especially true of business owners or directors who will drive foreign investment and local employment.

There are several visas or statuses that will enable you to immigrate to Singapore. But for business owners / directors the most common types are the Entrepass or Employment Pass.

Entrepass is generally for companies that are very new, have venture capital support, and plan to hire in Singapore.

Employment pass is commonly applied for the company Director so they can come to Singapore an run the company. Ministry of Manpower usually wants to see that the EP applicant and their company will be of value to Singapore. So the Employment Pass is typically meant for companies that have an established track record (ie 6 months of operations or more).


Singapore Corporate Compliance

No hidden fees. Only low monthly fees and dedicated service.


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