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Sometimes it feels like margins are getting chipped away in every direction. But delivering project ROI isn’t optional, is it?

One of the easiest ways to guarantee your project comes in on time, below budget, and without incident is to effectively use outsourced BIM services.

This guide will walk you through:

✅ Two easy ways BIM will increase revenues by 20%
✅ Three HUGE savings that apply to any project
✅ The biggest hidden cost to in-house BIM development

Building Information Modelling

5 Actionable Ways To Increase Your Project ROI

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2D (CAD) to 3D Model Conversion

Transform your designs into useful, intelligent models that provide significantly more information. We’ll take your 2D plans and create precise 3D BIM models. With this you can immediately access MEP details like electical layouts, HVAC duct and pipe modeling, mark-up detailing, parametric modeling, and plumbing modeling.

Revit Modelling

BIM enables AEC professionals to improve the quality and accuracy of their building work. BIM provides all the information that AEC professionals need through the life-cycle of the project. Building owners, designers, developers, and other stakeholders have full access to all documentation, which can be accessed from centralized servers.


Construction Documentation

Building information modelling is the industry standard for construction documentation. With BIM you can easily access drawings, drawing views, sections, and all the notes and information that accompanies each area. The result is detailed construction documentation notes that are organized and specific to each part of the project.

Your Project May Also Require


3ds Max Walkthroughs

Now you can walk through your virtual 3D designs – both interior and exterior areas. Your clients will love that they can optimize lighting, change types of materials, and add furniture to bring their project to life before you even start working.


Clash Detection

The advantage of building a project in 3d space first is that you can uncover and fix as many construction problems as possible before you break ground. A clash detection analysis reduces real time issues, uncovers potential conflicts in advance, and ensures the project starts on budget and stays on budget from beginning to handover.

Climate Analyis

Understanding the climate your building will be exposed to will enable you to make better decisions about how to best utilize available space and resources with respect to the environment. BIM modelling replicates external temperatures, humidity, wind, and solar conditions. These climate considerations affect internal energy functions, structural design, and aesthetic considerations.

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5 Actionable Ways To Increase Your Project ROI

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3D BIM Modelling is used by Architects, MEP, Structural Engineers and other stakeholders to improve efficiency, design and building construction during every phase of development. BIM enables everyone to easily communicate and collaberate by drawing on shared resources.This results in better building outcomes, lower construction costs, and stronger documentation for post-construction servicing.


Add 4D (time) to your project management by connecting scheduled tasks to simulate how project development will progress over time. You can track your scheduled progress against your real-world development to compare results and adjust planning expectations accordingly. You can even assign costs to track the finances of a project throughout its schedule.

5D Bim

5D BIM refers to the process of projecting construction costs over the development cycle of a structure. This enables owners to calculate their development costs with certainty. 5D BIM also enables project bidders to accurately assess their labor costs, and other development costs for accurate bids. Cost projections can also include post-build costs like maintenance and replacements.


6D BIM refers to the build data used by facilities managers to optimally maintain a structure. The data set (sometimes called an Asset Information Model) can include maintenance schedules, replacement part specifications, manufacturer contacts, servicing requirements, and more.

Free Ebook

5 Actionable Ways To Increase Your Project ROI

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Intro to:

BIM Grants

The BCA BIM Fund

The Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) knows that Building Information Modelling represents the future of efficient construction and they are pushing hard for BIM processes to be widely adopted. BCA recognizes that implementing new technologies can be costly, and has created the Building Information Model (BIM) Fund for building development stakeholders to offset some of their costs related to BIM adoption.

The BIM Fund is designed to encourage improved communication between independent building contractors; and ensure that longer term goals for the build are as cost effective as possible. BCA will support up to S$30,000 per applicant provided proscribed KPI improvements are achieved with respect to BIM implementation. Areas available for grant consideration include:

  • Training costs
  • Consultancy costs
  • Hardware costs
  • BIM software costs


Free Ebook

5 Actionable Ways To Increase Your Project ROI

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