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There are a lot of things that differentiate successful businesses from those that that don’t survive long term. One thing is certain, excellent companies do things their own way, and they do them with a high degree of consistency.

Fortunately for SME’s there’s an easy, affordable way to design, implement, and automate all the repeated actions your business needs to do to be successful.

Introducing Pipefy – A New BPM Software

Pipefy is a way to make sure your team is doing the right thing when they are supposed to be doing it. And there’s no need to hire tech staff. Pretty good, right! For some firms it could even replace an ERP software system.

When you first open the dash you’ll immediately notice that Pipefy is set up as a Kanban system. Kanban refers to a board divided into series of stages. A new project or task gets a card that is drag and dropped forwards with each stage that the project advances until completion. Kanban layouts make it dead easy to know in a glance the current stage of all your open tasks.

For example, if you make your board into a CRM then the main stages might be SME Leads – Qualified – Propose – Solution Development – Close. When a lead is generated a card would be opened for the new lead and progressed from stage to stage until closing.

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Kanban Supercharged

By itself Kanban is no big deal. There are dozens of Kanban tools available, and all of them pretty much do drag and drop to the next stage perfectly.

So what does Pipefy have that others don’t? Quite a bit, actually.

Pipefy enables you to easily modify the entry fields for each card. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but the flexibility makes customization super easy. You don’t get forced into someone else’s idea of good workflow, which is always frustrating. Custom fields are also key as they allow you to design your export data in a way that makes sense to you. If you want the name field split into first and last name then set the import fields as you’d like.

The real power of Pipefy is in the card rules. At each stage you can specify all the conditions that need to be met before the card can advance to the next stage. For example, if you have a CRM pipeline and want 5 contact attempts made before a lead can be moved to a nurturing stage then just build 5 contact attempts into the card. The system won’t let your sales rep progress the opportunity until ALL the conditions need to be met are completed.

Best of all the card requirements change when they are moved to a new stage. When you open the card in a new stage you are met with a new series of actions to complete.

Your Systems + Industry Best Practices = WOW

Pipefy makes it dead easy to custom build the exact work flow you want, the way you want it.

BUT, not everyone wants to design their own work flows. So Pipefy offers a deep menu of ‘one-click’ templates. With the templates you can instantly create boards that are built around industry best practices in almost any category. And of course you can modify the templates as much as you’d like to get the systems exactly right.

One click templates include CRM, bug tracking, content marketing, general tasks, expense reimbursement, performance evaluations, and many more. When you want to add an unfamiliar workflow to your business, instead of trying to figure out for yourself, the templates do all the heavy lifting.

On-boarding Heaven

Most companies have an onboarding training program for new employees to help them succeed in their new role. Sadly a lot of onboarding comprises little more than teaching workflow knowledge that comes from being around the company for a long time.

Pipefy can speed up the amount of time new employees need to learn systems by at least 50%. Anything that can be taught as company process can be specified in a card rule. By setting the field as ‘required’ the system will insist that certain tasks be completed before the next stage can be started.

Team Friendly Notifications

As tasks move from stage to stage it’s inevitable that multiple people will be involved. For example, a vacation request might require approval from several people before being granted. This is automatically handled by Pipefy. The next contributor to the stage will be notified by email and they’ll get a dash notice that a task requires their attention.

Note: there is a free vacation request template available.

Automated Tasks

You know all those little silly things we do that are easy to forget? You know, the ones that suck tons of time, but add no value to our work day?

Pipefy automates a lot of the boring stuff.

Countless hours get wasted communicating and re-communicating information that should be available to all the stakeholders automatically. Well designed processes means everyone knows exactly what they need to do, when it is their turn to take action. Pipefy saves time on pointless emails that should be handled by a computer.

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Pipefy connects with other apps via Zapier, which massively expands it’s utility. For example, a card can be created directly from Mailchimp, Zendesk, and so on. Integration with 3rd party apps means new users can add to their existing work flows without missing a step.


Pipefy was featured on Product Hunt. Some past users have mentioned that Pipefy has done a great job of product iteration and continues to improve with regularity.

One area Pipefy could improve is with importing user data into cards. Import via CSV seems obvious but for some reason this feature isn’t available at this time of writing. Instead of CSV import, Pipefy uses a Zapier integration with Google Sheets. Unfortunately free trials on Zapier have a limit of 100 data sets, and for us the import process was unnecessarily painful.

The next big step for Pipefy will be to offer conditional logic on forms. Conditional logic would give users more flexibility in how they manage each stage. And it will allow Pipefy to manage more ‘real world’ situations where outcomes aren’t always within our control. For example, if a prospective client responds ‘Yes’ to an email, then a new series of fields is generated. If they respond ‘No’, then a different set of fields is created – all without leaving the current stage.

Better in a Cloud

All in all, Pipefy is a great tool for defining what your business does, and how you do it. Using a blank template makes you think about all the things that need to be done and the right order to do them in. This introspection forces you to evaluate your workflows, and improve upon them in many cases. During our free trial we were able to experiment, explore and apply new ways of thinking about how we do things.

Better companies only happen by consistently doing better things, and Pipefy goes a long way towards making that a reality for small businesses. Recommended!