The Benefits of ERP for SMEs

Implementing ERP is one of the most effective ways SMEs can improve business productivity. Most business owners know this, but still delay implementing an ERP system. This appears to be from knowing the cost of ERP, but not the value a well implemented system can provide.

In the infographic below we’ve shown numerically some of the reasons SMEs might consider advancing their ERP software investment plans. The data clearly shows that when done properly businesses see quantifiable intangible benefits accrue quite quickly. In just 9 months most businesses have already seen a significant portion of the expected return on their investment being realized. And a significant majority of users report that ERP has had a positive impact on overall effectiveness.

Perhaps best of all, ERP for SMEs also drives benefits in business areas that are often not measured. Businesses report anecdotal improvements in record accuracy, fewer delivery delays, stronger internal processes, and overall customer satisfaction.

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Infographic provided courtesy of Notable

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